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Don't you agree there's something very special about those who collect antique jewels, apparel and art?  Beyond a keen appreciation of beauty,  they share an unusual sensitivity to the past that connects them profoundly to all humanity, to our shared fragility and our dreams of creating something that will prove of lasting worth.

I'm privileged to meet so many of these remarkable people, and deeply honored to have received their praise...

I enjoy your site so much and consider it a museum of jewelry. ~ Anne W.

I love your site, the organization of it is wonderful--making it a very good way to search by era & style! ~Diana J.

Thanks a bunch, you responded several times before any other merchants on Trocadero even emailed me once. ~Nicolas C.

My groom's gift arrived yesterday, and I picked it up this morning from the P.O.  Not only did you pack it with great care, the pin is even more beautiful than the pictures!  It is in wonderful condition. I can't say enough to thank you. ~Trish S.

Thank you so much for catching me up on your newsletters.  What interesting information.  I’m wearing my new pink hearts necklace today and bracelets. Ohhh I love it! ~Priscilla M.

I wanted to let you know that I received the prints on Friday and they are perfect!!! I already know exactly where they are going to go in my house, and can't wait to get them framed! I will definitely be visiting your website again. ~Madeleine T.

I am indeed loving the ivory earrings--thanks again! ~Julie W.

I got the Art Deco white beaded bag today and it is simply gorgeous! ~Elva C.

I'm so happy to receive the beautiful purse. This purse is more wonderful than I had imagined!! Thank you. ~Lily K.

Remember, layaway is available for all items worth $150 or more, U.S. shipping is free (with an equal discount on global delivery) and we gift wrap at no charge.  

For the coming holidays, our glamorous gold lamé wrap is back!  We use the real thing - luxurious fabric, not paper - and tie the parcels up with golden ribbons. 

Lizzie's Ring

Trish's Stickpin

Lisa's Deco Pendant

Elisabeth's c1800 Brooch

Kate's Sister's Sash Pin

Virginia's Regency Ring
(All Angles)

Virginia's Regency Earrings


Lily's Edwardian Purse

You are a wonder!  Thank you for all of the special care!  Your communication to me has been fabulous, the transaction speedy, etc. - that's not to mention all of the 'special touches' like the gold lame and glitzy ribbon!  Wow!  You should give lessons to other dealers on how to treat customers with TLC! Had to tell you that your sash pin arrived in great shape AND I gave it to my sister this past weekend!  ( I just couldn't wait until her birthday!)  She loved it!!  Of course, now that means that I'll have to look for something else for her for her birthday. Oh gee, I guess I'll have to do more jewelry shopping! ~Kate K.

Many thanks for the wonderful packaging! The brooch is indeed beautiful and I am very happy with it! It is just as you described and I will certainly treasure it for years to come!! I especially appreciated your elegant and kind letter. Take care and thanks again! ~Elisabeth E.

The bracelet is, as promised, simply fantastic and just as sharp as depicted! I will wear it lots! ~Roxanne

Ted blew me away with a dazzling evening out and a marriage proposal with the ring I most wanted...  It looks beautiful and feels great.  I thank you for sharing this wonderful find with us.  ~Lizzie & Ted K.

The earrings are simply wonderful and I thank you so much. ~Cindy M.

I was like a little kid opening a Christmas present today!  I am overwhelmed! ~Laurie  M.

I just opened the box with my opera coat today! WOW! WOW! WOW! I cannot believe how absolutely gorgeous the coat is! The velvet is virtually perfect, as are the beading and sequins! Truly, the only parts which need restoring are the chiffon insets and the yoke of the lining... Utterly amazing!  My mother, a sometime model who loves clothes with a passion (and has the most uncanny shopping instinct for finding the perfect item you tell her you are looking for... and finding the item ON SALE) was struck speechless. THANK YOU SO MUCH! ~Darca T.

Had to let you know - Kristi loved it!  Thanks so much.  And she also loved the little note you put in there for her.  All your considerations made it a happy experience for both Kristi and myself. I'll look forward to the next time! ~Mady G.

 Ring arrived today.  It is a wonderful old piece.  I really like the color of the peridot!  ~Michael C.

THEY ARE GORGEOUS! I love the ring and earrings. Thank you. :-) ~Barbara S.

I just love the pendant Erin!!!  And guess what?  The "other" Erin (my teen/monster/angel/daughter), the one who's only jewelry interests are big stainless steel "gothic" style stuff?  Well, she just gushed over the Chrysoprase pendant!  Turns out she likes that color green, and to my astonishment, she even mentioned the "style" of it.   She is wearing it out to her Birthday dinner tonight.There may be hope for another "jewelry hound" in the family yet.  ~Lisa I.

My niece is here today and we picked up the box this afternoon. We really like all the items, but especially the silver ring! She identified the hallmarks as 1830 from the book we have and is going to borrow the ring from me regularly she likes it so much! The pin and earrings will look smashing together - thanks! These items are really the kind I want to collect and I am glad to add them to my collection! I will keep in touch and check in with your site in the future.~Virginia T.

I received the jodhpurs today and I want to thank you very much. Your service was amazing, your replies were quick, and you portrayed the item accurately. Thanks again!~Michelle M.

Laurie's Beads

Elva's Art Deco Bridal Bag

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