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    A sophisticated, highly theatrical PoMo romp through the Trojan War, Helen!  features history's most famous Trophy Wife and those close to her, both mortal and divine.
     While playful, the script explores major physical and metaphysical forces - love, lust, ambition, greed, war, choices, guilt, blame, sacrifice - and what it's like to be a pretty woman with a brain.
     Complete script and song lyrics are presented at this site. Please respect the author's copyright and e-mail if interested in production.

Temporarily Offline

    First Things & Final Changes opens windows on the life of the main character at "epiphanic" moments from girlhood, adolescence and adulthood to about age forty.
     While many of its themes are serious, I've watched readers devour the book in an afternoon, laughing all the way. Once finished, what readers want to do is talk. And talk. First about certain images and ideas in the text, but soon about the the feeling and meaning of their own key experiences.

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     The last battle of World War II is now being fought – over plundered assets.  Behind today’s headlines are many secrets. 
I Spent the War Golfing in Scotland  explores one such enigma, which sparks present danger for  World War II veterans and their descendants, based upon events that took place in 1944.
     A romantic comedy as well as a thriller, this book brings together a free-spirited American journalist and a slightly fusty English military historian. Join them and me as we explore the ultimate mystery:  The Mystery of Family.


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