News of the World

No physical excuse for teleology
exists; no globe of growing is-ness
due collapse. Sky lenses clicked to see
the universe is edgy; open-
ended. After all the dickering
it's flat: a slab
beyond our gravid dome.

This revelation won five vapid minutes on
"Today;" no ticker-tape parades to
celebrate expansion without bounds;
non-fatal. You'd expect the Wall Street
suits to dance; geometers to prance
for permanence
of rounds and rectangles.

And where's the awed debate on what this fact suggests:
What's out there holding us, forever
making room? Do legends of tzimtzum
- contraction of the All, allowing
its creations space - afford a clue?
What's shrinking now;
what else is it up to?

The stately music of the spheres, so it appears
may fade. Our separation's surging
faster at those unknown margins, while
already an infill of shadow
matter shapes this plasm on a plate.
The tenth we see
wafts on dark energy.

Reverse of gravity, a lofting
forcibly repels what would attract
and sucks us crazier than currents
- up and out - yet vast dark webs contain
essential forms with their accretions:
- moons, notions, scars -
and open wider to admit new souls and stars.

2000, 2011 Katherine Anne Harris. All Rights Reserved.

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