An incisive marketing strategist, high-performance manager & award-winning writer, editor, creative director and performer.

56 Calle Monte Aplanado, NW, Albuquerque, NM 87120 Phone/Fax: 505.205.1404

E-mail: theotherKatherineHarris@outlook.com Web Address: www.glitzqueen.com
Mobile: 505.264.9821


Strategic Planning & Problem-Solving Experience

Participated in top-level tactical planning for more than 20 years and successfully positioned or repositioned companies and brands of virtually all types and sizes, both in USA and overseas. Contributed to product-related decisions. Collaborated with legal counsels to deal effectively with crises and regulatory issues.

Its Relevance

Apply broad-based international experience to develop fresh marketing directions and cost-effective IMC solutions in line with overall business objectives and vision. Can quickly contribute insights in any situation, based upon familiarity with an extremely wide array of industries, marketplaces and target audiences.

Possess seasoned judgment needed to avoid costly mistakes Swiftly assess opportunities, extract relevance from research, evaluate channel and message options and make sound decisions.

Team, Budget & Project/Process Management Experience

Hired, trained and directed large cross-functional teams, both in marketing and publishing, and served dozens of clients concurrently without ever missing a deadline or over-running a budget.

Its Relevance

Estimate complex production schedules and costs expertly to exceed quality, delivery and budget targets.

Lead by example to inspire best efforts from creative, sales and support staff, contractors, agencies, media and other vendors. Sustain positive, focused atmosphere by acting decisively and calmly under pressure and enthusiastically giving credit where due.

Creative Direction & Writing/Editing Experience

Wrote and produced ads, spots, campaigns, direct mailings, displays, sales aids and other collateral materials that won more than 50 national and regional awards for strategic and creative excellence in all media, even a Best of Show for a low-cost radio campaign.

Its Relevance

Can maximize budget and impact by developing creative core of message and overseeing all design and copywriting to ensure message and image consistency. Personally produce what most managers must outsource.

Can write in any style or voice, “ghost” articles and speeches and easily “translate” high-tech complexities into terms grasped by non-specialists.

Understand creative possibilities of “new media” as well as traditional forms. Produce web content and graphics, know HTML and am active in e-commerce and online community development.

PR, IR & Corporate Communications Experience

Began career in corporate PR and gained special depth in media and investor relations as journalist/editor and securities analyst.

Its Relevance

Apply background as journalist and magazine editor to build solid media relationships and increase company exposure in suitable news outlets at minimal cost.

For public companies, draw on experience in securities analysis to devise IR programs to attract analyst and investor support. Guide communications aspects of IPO prep for firms restructuring.

Plan and oversee promotions and events including seminars, VIP galas, media conferences and exhibitions.

Verbal Communication/Presentation Experience

Successfully presented recommendations and closed sales for 25 years. Won many awards for radio/TV talent and appeared often on stage.

Its Relevance

Apply background in interview-based journalism and theatre arts to careful listening and persuasive presenting.

Act as spokesperson and performance coach when appropriate.

Thoroughly understand sales process, so can supply training and motivation, as well as lead generation programs and sales aids.


Marketing Consultant to agencies and direct accounts worldwide. 1984 - Present.
President of full-service marcom agency, 1977 - 1984.

  • Serving up to 25 agency and direct accounts concurrently, successfully positioned and grew brands and companies of virtually every type and size, from high-tech start-up firms to industry leaders such as Lovelace Medical Center, Countess Mara Apparel, Resistol and Stetson Hats, Wembley Neckwear, McDonald's, Centex Homes and Gas Company of NM.
  • Shaped strategy and creative for national launch of new apparel lines and first-of-type technologies in energy, information management and medical instrumentation.
  • Handled regional launch of new housing concepts and innovations in healthcare including HMO, Senior Plan, Urgent Care and dedicated facilities for occcupational, senior behavioral and women's health. Guided strategy and creative through decade when HMO grew 3000% and Lovelace achieved recognition among top seven "superclinics" in US.
  • On pro bono basis, raised awareness and developed resources for Futures for Children, Southwest Arts & Crafts Fair, Albuquerque's "1% for Art" program and many other cultural, civic and charitable causes.
  • Extremely active online; established GlitzQueen Marketing as KHC division for Web services and launched online shop for antique jewelry ("lab project" in e-tailing that became "real"). Also have been a blogger on political and social issues and a leader of several online communities centered on the arts and world history. Believe there's no excuse for failing to learn something new every day, given the Internet.

Also have extensive background as Journalist/Editor and Securities Analyst. 1974-Present.

  • As journalist/editor, have researched and written hundreds of bylined features, arts/restaurant reviews and hard news stories. Led multi-skilled teams of writers, designers and photgraphers as editor of various magazines, including New Mexico's leading arts/lifestyle quarterly. For radio, reported general news and scripted daily business news shows aired regionally in southwestern US. For London publisher entering US market, "Americanized" British books.
  • As analyst, conducted "due diligence" investigations in US and UK, evaluating emerging technologies and entrepreneurs. Judged which speculations should be recommended and wrote reports issued by Wall Street and Rocky Mountain market-makers, raising valuations and prompting desired buy-outs.

PR Chief, Advertising Creative Director/Copy Chief, Account Executive, 1975-1977.

On executive team of three, built new company into New Mexico's leading agency in two years. Devised marcom strategies and wrote/creative-directed full range of print and electronic advertising materials and collateral. Planned/managed PR campaigns and was solely responsible for agency diversification into financial PR. Counseled clients as primary AE for 12 and backup for 20 more accounts (local, regional and national). Still assist Arrington team with key accounts, as strategic and creative consultant

Public Relations Specialist, 1974-1975.

Created corporate communications including news releases, financial reports and articles for company magazine. Was among 12 employees (from global staff of 36,000) honored for substantially contributing to the success of the "Save a Living Thing" project, whereby the 7-Eleven Division purchased the USA's first bald eagle refuge for the National Wildlife Federation; wrote countless stories on this, plus speeches delivered by top executives. Worked closely with management at all levels, and with graphics and printing departments. Liaised with and organized events for outside PR counsels nationwide.


PROFESSIONAL: More than 50 regional and national awards honoring strategic and creative excellence in all media, print and electronic. Election to NM Advertising Federation Board of Directors. Appointments as awards committee chair, standards review committee member and awards competition judge in other regions.

SCHOLARLY/ACADEMIC: Mensa membership in US and UK. Education wholly financed by Graduate Teaching Fellowship and major undergraduate scholarships including National Merit.

LITERARY/THEATRICAL: Prizes and publication of poetry and fiction in US and UK. Many leading stage roles and awards for radio/TV commercial talent.


Graduate Study: University of New Mexico Dept. of Theatre Arts (Albuquerque, NM) and Southern Illinois University Dept. of Philosophy (Edwardsville, IL). Completed about half an MA.

Undergraduate Study: Austin College (Sherman, TX). Austin Scholars Program. Received Bachelor of Arts cum laude, at age 19 with triple-major in English, Theatre and Philosophy. (NOTE: Name at graduation was Katherine Harris McCarty.)


Advanced skier. Knowledgeable antiques collector (beat the Brits on BBC's Great Antiques Hunt game show). Leader of several Web communities. Ridiculously good health. No dependents.

Professional Awards

I. The following honors were received from the (national) Public Utility Communications Association:
MARKETING STRATEGY - National First Award (Gas Company of New Mexico)
RADIO :30 - National First Award (Gas Company of New Mexico)
NEWSPAPER B/W - National First Award (Gas Company of New Mexico)
NEWSPAPER CAMPAIGN - National Third Award (Gas Company of New Mexico)
MULTI-MEDIA CAMPAIGN - National Merit Award (Gas Company of New Mexico)

II. The following national and regional honors were received from the American Advertising Federation and/or NM Advertising Federation:
First Award (multiple occasions) - Western Development/Candlelight Homes
First Award - Futures for Children

First & Merit Awards (multiple occasions) - Countess Mara Apparel
First & Second Awards (multiple occasions) - JV Speaks Investments
MAGAZINE AD/Consumer Color
First Award - Pioneer Wear Apparel
First Award - Kenny Rogers Apparel Collection
Second & Merit Awards (multiple occasions) - Countess Mara Apparel
Second Award - Oscar de la Renta Neckwear
MAGAZINE AD/Consumer b/w
Second Award - Mom's Ice Cream
MAGAZINE AD/Business Color
Merit Award - Pioneer Wear Apparel
Merit Award - International Technology Resources
Second Award - Eliot's Nest Nightclub

First Award - Pioneer Wear Apparel
First Award - International Technology Resources
First Award - Pioneer Wear Apparel
First Award - Kenny Rogers Apparel Collection

First Award - Lovelace Medical Center
First Award - American Sandwich Shops
TV :60
First Award - Video Visions
"Best of Show" Award - Cocina de Carlos Restaurant
First Awards (multiple occasions) - Cocina de Carlos Restaurant
First Award - William Kreutzman, Attorney-at-Law
First Award - American Sandwich Shops
Merit Award - Sugar Plum Fashions
Merit Award - Ceiling Fans Unlimited
First Award - Cocina de Carlos Restaurant
Second Award - Eliot's Nest Nightclub
Merit Award - Ceiling Fans Unlimited

First Awards (multiple occasions) - Q106 Radio
First Award - Albuquerque Arts Council
Merit Award - Crestview Funeral Home
Merit Award - Western Development/Candlelight Homes
First Award - Western Development/Candlelight Homes

First Award - Countess Mara Apparel
Second Award - Institute of Investment Education
Merit Award - Security Federal Savings & Loan
First Award - New Mexico Advertising Federation
Merit Award - Pioneer Wear Apparel
First Award - Wembley Neckwear
Merit Award - KOB Radio
Merit Award - Gardenswartz Sportz

Merit Award - Funiture

Detailed CV & references available upon request